Saturday, May 21, 2005

please....make it stop!

the hangover fairy bit me in the ass again.
which is just a friendly reminder of why I don't drink this much anymore.
godddammit, I feel terrible.
but it was worth it.
we had sooooo much fun!
so we sang a bunch of songs,
and played some HORRIBLE pool--
I kept moving the balls, so I had a good shot...
important to note:
cheaters never prosper.
but MAAAAAAAN, was I drunk.
(or "drinked" as I so cleverly decided to refer to the state...clever??? drunk ass girl)
it is funny to watch men hit on lesbians.

so we laughed a lot,
and drank a lot,
and as far as I can remember,
we had tons of fun.
crashed at Becky's place, and slept hot, dehydrated, and smelly (smoke).
woke far too early, and eventually dragged my hung-over, greezy ass back home.
I seriously do not understand how people can do that kind of thing more than once a year.
(the not waking up in my own bed part)
i mean, becky was a gracious and lovely host--
woke earlier than she would have otherwise, and joined me in the living room to croakily make each other laugh--
just enough to cover the groans of agony.
she also brought me water and advil X 4....
I drove home in my pjs, and after a not-refreshing-enough-to-kill-this-hangover shower,
I now sit here in cotton panties and a tank top.
yes, even in my wretched state I still have the good grace to blow figurative kisses to you sweet things.

hopefully we'll have some good naps (all around) so we can enjoy the fireworks tonight.
I wish I had some vodka.
and tomato juice.
and horseradish.
hubba hubba that sounds good right now.

it is quite likely that i have more to say,
but since my brain is overcooked oatmeal right now--
we're out of luck.
oh, there was a guy with a t-shirt that said, "It ain't gonna lick itself".
cracked me up.

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