Tuesday, May 31, 2005

did you hear that?

It was me.
breathing a huge sigh of relief,
followed by a little giggle of giddyness.

I think the world started turning again.
I think my heart remembered how to beat,
and in which rhythm.
I think I'll turn to glitter and float off in the wind,
if I'm not paying attention.
I think I'm going to live....

I saw Star Wars over the weekend,
and loved it.
to hell with anyone who didn't.
it gave me great closure and a sense of continuity with the next 3--
seeing the babies born, named, and placed,
and seeing sexy anakin turned into that black heavy-breather we all love to hate?
fuck yes, that was great!
I have waited my whole life to see how he ended up like that.
I daresay that was one of the greatest moments of my life--
for last week, at least.

And, day 3 is going great and I've already lost 2.5 pounds.
god bless dr. atkins, rest his soul!
go Mona, go!!!
you inspired me to reconsider that little plan,
and my husband pushed me over the edge--
as we left the movie he offered to not smoke for each day that I forego sugar.
he sucks, however, and is still smoking,
even though I've stuck to the atkins thing.
oh well.
he'll quit (again) when he's ready (again).

The pool opened this weekend,
here in our neighborhood.
it's a great pool, and the kids love it.
it's on our street, even, so that's particularly good.
I can see lots of skin cancer tan skin in my future...
rock on!

we're going to be in Vegas for the weekend of my birthday,
and we're trying to plan what to do.
lots of sex and relaxing,
so that doesn't leave room for much else...
I was hoping there would be a show in town that I might want to see--
a rock show.
but no.
not a damn thing that weekend.
no comedians, either.
it's like the national "vegas has nothing going on" weekend.
oh well.
it'll be easier to be lazy and lusty with less to do.

it's Tuesday!
and I took some pictures of my blogger t-shirt.
and my nipples.

Blogger minus Bra equals happy readers! Posted by Hello

happy tuesday everyone--IT'S FUCKING SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!

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