Friday, May 20, 2005

I feel like a brand new me!!

Or at least a bargain basement
consignment store
garage sale
but still...
actually, it seems like it's just one thing after another right now--
Just starting to feel all perky and sparkly-eyed,
and BLAM:
a second wave of spring allergies hits.
making me sleepy and snuffly.
oh well.
it'll pass.
I just heard it's supposed to be 100 degrees tomorrow.
yesterday was the first day I even turned on the air conditioner in the house!
AND we're planning on going to a living traditions festival,
and the fireworks...
but, jeez-oss.
I fucking hate being hot.
so we'll see.
maybe i'll go buy a cheap pool
and lay in it all day, then hit the fireworks.
or just drink beer all day.
and all night.
or something.
I'll call Becky.
she'll know what to do.

I dreamed of a blogger last night.
I was worried about my hair.
we were flying to Paris together,
but I didn't have a passport.
then, I joined the Alias cast in spraying anti-radioactive stuff
(out of a squirt bottle)
on these large circles of radioactive material...
we also had guns, and I kept wondering if I would have to use it--
I should have been wondering if I would know HOW to use it!!

I'm a bit of an Apprentice fan,
and I have to say, I was disappointed with his choice for the winner last night.
mostly because Kendra annoyed the shit out of me, all season.
she struck me as a ditzy girl, AND her final task seemed to be much simpler than Tana's.
oh well.
they both sucked, frankly.
(they both sucked FRANK?? who's Frank??)

my kids thought it would be fun to wake me at 7:04 this morning
fighting LOUDLY over who got to lay next to me--
on the left side.
oh, yes, I have a god damn king sized bed,
and my body was miraculously fitted with TWO SIDES,
but they'll be damned if either of them wants to lay on my right side.
oh, that's easy:
because HE wants to lay there, so I have to lay there.
like, duh.
so that was pleasant.
I have a hard time waking up anyway,
and that did NOT help.
my husband whisking them away to "time out" did, though.
aaaaaahh sweet joy of hubby taking care of unpleasantness so's I can sleep more!
it's a wonderful life.

ok, I'm off to see the wizard.
er...the shower.
which does not grant wishes
unless they consist of desire to be clean,
and very occasionally the desire to have alone time,
but really i think that has more to do with the tooth fairy and santa claus bumping uglies and I get the overspill of their joy.
I don't know.

have a super duper ultra fantastic weekend
and see me Monday.
I'll be back before then, who am I kidding???

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