Friday, May 27, 2005

going to make cookies and do some memes

in my comment to IA, regarding the make-a-sentence-with-your-name meme, from Kiki,
I discovered that this is too damn fun.
and rather than tag anyone...
cuz I'm a greedy/selfish/lazy sorta gal,
I'm going to do a bunch of these myself.
feel free to join in, everyone!
and, maybe I'll still tag 3 people at the end of it all, if,
a. I remember
b. there's anyone left.

ok, so:
Pissed Kitty: Probably isn't so shitty either, dude. Kicked in the thigh--yowie!
Sergei: Sharing elephant rooms; getting exciting, innit?
Mona: Massage or nookie: appointments!
Kat: Kill a tree! Kitchen at twelve.
Maine: More anger in newborn elves. Mike's an idiot, not evil. Make an icecream now, etard.
Kiki: Kitty is kickin it.

oh, and I started writing a really promising little story last night at the orientation lameness.
it was like a seminar on how to wipe your ass.
"oh really? jeeez, I had no idea we were supposed to be using TOILET PAPER!"
extrememly useless.
maybe I've just taken more time to inform myself than most students.
I dunno.
but the thing is, it was a session JUST for transfer students,
so obviously everyone has done this before--
choosing classes, etc.
at least when they asked for a show of hands on who transferred from out of state,
and the first 10 answers were the west or southwest,
I couldn't resist raising my hand and saying "Maine."
I know I didn't transfer from there.
but still.
I wanted to WIN, dammit.
too bad some asshole from Alaska piped in.
curse him.
and then they spent time going over the dorm situation.
hmm... mused Lisa.
could I...?
naw...I couldn't.
but it sure would be nice!!!
see ya kids, mommy's off to her dorm room for the next couple of years!!
so, one of the girls at my table said something a few minutes later about having kids and wanting to take her classes at night or something.
I could NOT resist piping in with my observation that, as a fellow mother, I was considering quite heavily, the possibility of dorm living.
she looked at me with Mormon eyes and said, "yeah, they have great married student housing."
fuck, and I thought that was only popular at BYU.
the whole "let's get married at 18 and pop out as many kids as possible before either of us graduates, while going to school full time and living on welfare."
that's not what popped into my head first, however, so instead she received my giggling surprise at such an idea--
"oh, no. I live in a beautiful house, I'm not moving onto campus--I just thought it would be fun to leave the kids behind and live in the dorms again."
others found this amusing, but she did not.
this is when I discovered that she is a 12 year old* mother of 2 who has been living in married student housing for the past 4 years while her husband got his degree, and plans to continue living there until she graduates, in 3.5 years.
I just hate mormons, it can't be helped.

*age exaggerated for effect. I'm sure she's at least 20.

so anyway, I'm excited for school to start.
and I think I'm going to really look forward to entering into some very heady debates with some very closed-minded mormons.
but only because they're in the minority at that school.
like I would take on popular opinion??
I only like fights I can win.
I don't believe that I can change the world--
not even one person at a time.
people change.
or not.
either way, it has nothing to do with me.

the cookies turned out great, by the way.
and when my friend offered me the number of her ob/gyn, I said,
"yeah, I do need one up here. uh. 'up here' as in salt lake..."
but I don't actually need one right now so I didn't bother to get the number.
mostly because I was holding a sick child, who I am considering taking to the doctor.

this is going to be a great weekend.
we get to have a real, live babysitter which means we get a real, live DATE
on saturday night!!!!
fuck yes.
the plan is to see Star Wars III, so wish us luck.
also, that reminded me of the kids' little graduation the other day--
one of the things they did was, each kid stood up and spelled his or her name and said what they want to be when they grow up.
this one little girl spelled her name, and when she got to what I can only assume was supposed to be the two "e"s on the end of haylee--
damn cute.
and this little boy who sounded so bored with the whole thing--
"J a d e (sigh)nnnnnnnnnn"
and did I get any of it on video?
because we lost the damn battery, so we have to plug it in but there was only one plug and some cunt was already using it.
i mean some nice mother of one of the other kids...

ok, go forth and prosper.
or at least party with the lights off.
or your clothes off (in public).
OR. relax by a pool, in a hammock, or under your back porch.
and don't forget to stay home from work Monday!
unless you're supposed to go in...
happy memorial day!!!!!!!

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