Friday, May 20, 2005

Is it summer?

It must be summer.


tonight i'm going to drink and sing
(definitely in that order)
and I can't fucking wait.
a proper girl's night out--
and Becky
and Deidra!!!!
(and her girlyfriend, who I have met on several occasions and absolutely adore!)
it's going to be fucking awesome.
we have soooo much fun at our tame version of "Bunco" girls night.
even with all the mormons hanging around.
at a bar???
with LIQUOR????
and KARA-fucking-OKE??????
I do believe it'll be fun.
not to mention the fact that the weather is insanely perfect,
and I'm feeling rather trim after 2 weeks of working extra super hard at the gym.

so, once again, it's time for me to shower.
maybe this time I'll even get to...
no, I don't need to do that.
hubby's coming home early, so he can take care of it for me.
and besides, that's yet another piece of proof that I am the laziest person alive!
why masturbate when you can get fucked???
ok, so it takes way more work to fuck, but still.
it's the principle of it--
and besides, he gives me way better orgasms than I do.
and when will he be here????
dammmmm, now i've got myself alllll worked up.

have a happy and (re)productive weekend, everyone!!!

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