Thursday, May 26, 2005

It's pretty warm here, but that's just temporally speaking...

What I mean is, this is hell, and it is a cold day in hell.
for one thing, I actually refilled my thyroid drugs before letting them run out--
which I do almost every month.
the running out thing, that is.
and then I got tagged for a Meme, which is a strange and confusing thing for me,
and I am honored.
besides, it's an easy and fun one!

I got it from Kiki, and I am supposed to post hers,
and then post mine, and then tag more people, but...
the party pooper that I am, I probably won't tag anyone.
I'm not sure when I became such a non-"joiner",
but it would appear that I am one.

Take all the letters of your name or screen name, and make a sentence, each word beginning with the next letter of your name. Post the one of the person who meme'd you, and then yours.

K i k i
Karma is king, innit?

L i s a

Look! It's snowing again!

and if my kids weren't fighting over who gets to count to 50, I might have something else to say.
and I have to pee.
today, I feel like the mojo is with me, in spirit.
could be the pheeeenomenal sex I had last night,
could be the wacked outhormones,
could be the full moon, which isn't full anymore but it was a few days ago...
I'm going to write something good.
after I pee.
and beat my children.
(just with a wet noodle, don't worry)

ok, I'm back.
but I think I might have figured out what's wrong with me.
it's the eyebrows.
eh, it's far too complex to explain, but it has something to do with something.
and that's enough for you.

I just reserved a campsite for our Father's Day celebration--
which we're having a week early, since it's MY BIRTHDAY ON FATHER'S DAY.
but I'm really excited for the camping adventure!!!
we took the kids once, when they were 2--
dear GOD, what were we thinking?????
it was horrendous.
mostly because it's a lot of work to set up a campground, for only a 14 hour stay
(stupid us)
and because we had gone with a bunch of friends,
so the plan was to sit around the campfire and talk all night.
the kids couldn't get to sleep in such strange surroundings,
and I don't blame them.
but I slept on the hard ground next to their portacribs all night, freezing damn cold, needing to pee but scared of the dark--
so much so that I truly considered peeing into a diaper!!!
my husband got to sleep warmly snuggled up with his...6? year old, yes, 6.
on the air mattress in the other tent.
oblivious to my pain, and the crying children.
and then HE had the nerve to be grumpy in the morning and pack up and leave before we even had breakfast.
why am I giving him another chance???
our first campout as a married couple was the worst disaster in camping history--
and that includes the Donner Party.
I nearly divorced him for that, and swore off camping with him for the rest of our lives...
can you tell I have a problem with sticking to my word??
this will be better.
and if not,
I'll be continuing this blog from prison,
because I will cheerfully (if somewhat maniacally) shove my husband off a cliff.
anyway, camping and fishing and swimming--
it'll be wonderful.

happy thursday--

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