Sunday, May 22, 2005

breathe a sigh of relief, and clap your hands--

I'm hangover-less and the day is spread out gloriously before me!!!
picnic and bike ride, with friends.
the sun is shining, the sky is blue!!
utah summer is here--
no matter how shocking it is after that cold rainy spell.
summer could not be avoided, after all.

driving with my kids is like being on larry king live.
they are miniature Larry Kings--
I am not kidding.
they fire questions at me like a couple of machine guns--
question spilling into question.
i love it, for the most part, but wow.
oliver's the worst--
he'll ask me a question, and while I'm answering it?
"Mom?" and so goes the start of the next question.
fer chrissakes.
so much for being the smartest person in my house.
yesterday we spent all day in bed
(mommy has a hangover, be a dear and bring me a glass of water--ssshhh!! let's all practice our whispers, ok?)
watching a 2 hour discovery channel special about the space shuttle Columbia,
and what they were doing to try to solve the problem that caused the tragedy.
most of it was footage of engineers and such--
just talking.
the kids were enthralled.
we did rewind and rewatch the "3-2-1-blastoff" sequences a whole bunch of times, too,
but they paid remarkably good attention to the "boring" stuff.
then I made them go take a bath so i could watch "what not to wear".
mostly because I'm trying to figure out how to get on it!!!
$5000 to go shopping for gorgeous new clothes???
now THAT'S a no brainer--
pick me, pick me!!

also, I'm starting to freak out about raising children without any religion at all.
it's soooo strange, and not a decision I really "made".
but no matter how i feel about the mormon thing,
i do feel that some kind of religious structure is good for kids--
right/wrong, FEAR OF GOD, etc.
cuz, come on!
what can beat, "if you don't listen to mommy god will be sad."?
I need somma that.
I gotta find something--
nothing too tramatic, though,
no catholics, no 7th day adventists, or jevhovah's witnesses or christian scientists need apply.
nope, i'm not an equal opportunity worshipper.
so, if anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them.
...and are we all going to feel funny about this, coming from a usually sex-crazed freak???
I like to make people squirm.

hey, it's sundy, what the hell do you expect????
love yas--

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david said...


I realise this is an old post, but i was wondering what ever happened with this. Did the kids (or you) get involved with anything?