Sunday, May 29, 2005

a grey sunday, with a grey heart

the greyness of the day didn't stop us from going to the pool, though.

I hate it when I'm unable to access my computer for almost 2 days,
and then when I get here, allll eager--
I am met with a rude comment on buzznet
(it's gone, don't bother looking)
and another matter which slightly ruffled my feathers.
but I shan't complain.
life is glorious.
I had all sorts of wonderful things to write yesterday,
while my computer was unplugged and desserted.
and now, of course, I have nothing but
oh well.
maybe i'll think of some of the "good" stuff later.

I am annoyed, now.
it seems that is the constant state of my mood, lately.
why do people leave anonymous, hurtful comments???
it is more upsetting than it should be...
usually I laught that stuff off.
but today...
I just didn't need to hear that.
thanks, Margot, you fucking cowardly cunt.


ok, hubby's home, and I am cheered up.
he's so cute...
have I mentioned that lately?
probably not.
but he is.

so I saw a news clip the other day--
about a newly discovered side-effect of Viagra and Cialis, etc.
a small percentage of men have been reporting loss of vision.
let me run that by you again:
exaggerated boner ability = loss of vision
beating off = you'll go blind
they were right, after all, boys!!!!
It struck my funny bone, ok??

and I got suckered into buying one of those blogger t-shirts.
yes, it'll be next on the list for a braless picture.
but the more I encounter assholes on buzznet, the more I'm thinking I"ll stick to posting pictures here.
I have only had 2 negative comments, that I can remember,
but I hate em.

ok, here I go, getting pissed off again.
that's only because I started the FATkins diet again today.
daaaaaaamn, but I don't function well without carbs!
I get ornery.
but it's ok.
it's only for 2 weeks, then I can add some whole grains and more carby veggies.
and I'm excited to see some damn weight loss.
you would all be horrified at how frigging fat I've let myself get over the winter,
which has quite shockingly turned to summer.
and me with a beer gut.
to anyone out there who doesn't LOOOOOVE eating,
who doesn't dream of food all day,
who doesn't derive extreme pleasure from food....
no really, you are cordially invited to play a nice round of hide-and-go-fuck yourself.

and now my tired children are pushing every last one of my touchy, short-wired buttons.


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