Friday, April 02, 2004

instead of TGIF i think it should be OGIF

that's Oh god, it's friday...(insert panting and moaning...)

I think you're going to like this one...

If We Met (Vol. 2)

I find myself wondering what would happen if we met.
I find myself planning what would happen if we met...
would it be soft and tender?
somehow i doubt that.
if you materialized...
I would touch you, in awe and wonder.
then, upon discovering that you were, for the first time, outside my imagination--
my mouth would open in smile, our eyes meeting, and we would come together in a rush.
we would kiss, like two who were afraid there would never be another kiss.
your hands would be so strong, holding me tightly, exploring each curve.
my hands would slide inside your shirt, searching.
you would back me to the nearest surface (a couch? a table? the hood of a car?) and lay me down.
you would grind yourself into me, both of us trying desperatly to be naked, but not having the spare brain power to make it happen.
your hand would slip into my pants and that would be the final straw...
I would tear my own clothes off, needing you to have full access.
you would bend to my breasts, licking, sucking.
pushing you back, i would pull your shirt off and tug your pants to the floor.
and while i was down there...
you would brace yourself against that couch, table or car as i knelt in front of you.
you would grab my hair as i pulled you closer, taking it all in.
I would slow down the frantic pace of this encounter for the first time, to do this right, do it well.
your breathing would speed up, your grip tighten.
drawing back, i would look up.
your eyes would be glazed over, as you pulled me to my feet.
i would like to think you would kiss me softly then, with a crooked smile and half closed eyes, and lay me down.
in my dream, your weight on top of me would feel so good, the hair on your chest tickling at first, then adding to the friction.
you would tease me, i think, exhibiting self control, before finally, mercifully, sliding into place.
we would move together in a rhthym so comfortable, so right it would seem that we had always done this, and would always do this.
the contrast of this perfect fit with who we are would make me close my eyes for a moment, turn my head.
you would lean in and kiss my ear, bringing me back to the urgent business at hand...
you would let me roll you over, and i would stradle you, folding myself over you so i could take your nipple in my teeth.
sitting up i would take us both to the edge, as your grip on my ass became tighter, controlling my movements.
in this dream we would come together, and as we collapsed in a pile of sweat and discarded clothes, i would laugh, snuggling into your side.

and that's what i think would happen...if we met.

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