Friday, April 23, 2004

What a wonderful world...

but what a crazy day.
fun. good. busy.
got some new nose rings, and i'm wearing one of them right now.
yeah, right now.
i bought a couple of little hoops, but they were both too big and not quite right for the nose thing....
need to put a little more time into finding some nose candy. i mean nose jewelry.
although we did spend a signifcant amount of time digging around up there....
parked in the high school parking lot; i bled a little.
(why does that sound like the sad tale of someone's "first time"?)
well, it was my first time--taking out the original nose ring.
we wrestled around with that thing for a while, looking mighty sophisticated (or would it be sophomoric? haha)
and finally just ended up making out.
no, but we did meet my husband and her boy toy for dinner--
successfully ditching our kids for the entire afternoon/evening.
yee haw.
(just got a craving for fried dough with cinamon and sugar, from a country fair....what the fuck??)
(followed by another for....some girlie drink--sex on the beach, i think, but it's been a long time since i've ordered a drink like that.)
that was weird.
okay, back to reality, eh?
or my sweet little realm of it anyway.
i love my dream land.
it's all mine.
but i love my waking land even more...
i am sitting in my bed, in the dark, typing this.
i look over at my sweet yet kick ass husband and smile.
his breathing tells me he's asleep, but his foot just stroked my calf.
i have hinted at telling the story of "Rock Bottom" before, and i will do it soon.
it's a story i am happy to tell now--because we got carabeners, ropes, harnesses, chalk....
and made our way to the summit again.
and the view is breathtaking.
I am superstitiously waiting for something bad to happen--surely i couldn't be this lucky, this blessed?
i am notorious for getting punched in the face by the lesser gods, whenever i am so bold as to be aware of my good fortune.
so fine, take your shots you weasly old bastards.
i will soak up every drop of joy in the here and now.
and if you kick me in the teeth, then i'll go to the dentist.
fucking lesser gods.

anyway, i suppose you're all wondering where the fantasy friday is?
i like this post.
so fuck you.

and it's almost 3 in the morning.
do not dismay.
i will procure something for your amusement a little later....
(even if saying that, i feel the pressure to perform)
that seems to be the name of my tune this week.
oh, and for anyone who's wondering why i post such filth:
A. i like it
B. i like it
C. you like it
D. your mom likes it
E. ....i like it.

and it has nothing to do with the quality of my own, personal sex life.
that, my friends, is personal, but i'll tell you this: on a satisfaction scale of 1 to 10?
you guessed it.
an eleven.
but only cuz i don't know how high i'm allowed to go over on that thing.
i mean, it says 1 to 10--so shouldn't i choose one of the numbers in that range?
one would think.
so maybe there's a better way to say it.
but you get the picture.
someone somewhere suggested something, which prompted me to respond with this.
the truth is, my imagination is always restless, always roaming and i love putting to words those moments of intensity.
my body, however, is well cared for--and my heart.
so please, don't worry about me.

i am beyond tired.
so i will sleep.
and before noon i will have posted something sultry, something daring or crass.

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