Saturday, April 24, 2004

it's a sunshine day

even if i did only get 3 hours of sleep.

took the briefest of naps, interupted by a kindly door to door salesASS.
then took a slightly longer "nap"--wink wink.
while the kids were nappping.
then took the kids for a hike--pictures soon to come.
it was such a perfect day for that, we had a great time.
they're such little adventurers!
we were on a fairly level, wide trail, but every time there was a new trail diving up the side of the mountain, all craggy and rocky and steep--they asked to check it out.
we never got too far up those trails, but it thrilled me that they were interested.
it's going to be fun as they get big enough to really do some of that stuff!!

I had to delete a couple of nasty comments today--that's the first time i've ever used that feature, by the way.
and for those of you out there "in the know"--no it wasn't who you think.
it was actually someone from the bar last night...
apparently someone who was given my URL last week (remember i said my friend passed them out)
it was pretty strange.
i'm still not sure what he was talking about in one regard, and would gladly clarify anything, if he would have the courtesty to email me., Mr. Right--use it.

so who else loves a little mystery??
fun stuff, that.
sorry to be such a dork.

i wish i had something interesting to report.
not a damn thing.

can't even muster enough properly firing synapses to tell a story or describe a scene.
so i better go to sleep.
yes, it's 7:30 local time.
so what?
our kids are asleep, so we're going to go plop in a movie, and i'm sure we'll last all of about 3 minutes.

life is grand.

hope you're all well and happy.

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