Wednesday, April 07, 2004

how is it that my life is so crazy?

am I not a suburban housewife????
pretty sure I still am.
and yet.
i had the strangest, most fucked up night last night.

so how is your day going?

and tonight we're supposed to go to beautiful Park City to see Blues Traveller in a bar.
i feel like i'm drowning in social commitments.
i feel like throwing up, but it wouldn't change anything.
i feel like crying.
i feel lucky to have what i have, and to have been only a witness to last night's events.

trying to change the subject.
although, this is a journal so i guess y'all can just deal with it, right? =)
tonight should be a lot of fun if we end up going.
i'm beginning to worry that my kids are spending too many evenings with a babysitter.
i'm wishing i would have mailed my parents' birthday gifts on time.
i'm wishing i was at the gym instead of here.
i'm beginning to wonder if this post would have made a better Lick submission than this.
cuz there's no third alternative--it must be written, somewhere.

i guess this is a downer post.
so sorry.
hope anyone unfortunate enough to stumble across this has a great day.

fucking full moon.

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