Thursday, April 29, 2004



what's up?

really? same here.

so i had a dream last night.
and i only feel safe revealing it because the blogger in question is out of town.
i checked some blogs before going to bed, and apparently this particular one fell into my dream maker.
Boz will laugh so hard he pees--more than his usual depends problem, even.
Belle will probably pretend to laugh but inside she'll be crying.
and if Kevynn reads this, well...he will probably finally file those papers for the restraining order he's been threatening.
(and frankly, they're long overdue--he's a bit of a procrastinator)
the dream wasn't really a big deal, i just have to make a big deal out of it because i'm bothering to mention it.
so, it's more interesting--you know.
cuz who the fuck wants to hear about someone else's dream???
the only time you give a flying fish ass about someone else's dream is if:
A. you are in it
B. you are naked
C. you want to bone the person having it
and none of those things occured in this dream.
in fact...
Just Kevynn with a little kid, out of the corner of my eye as i passed them on a half-full subway car.
a small part of a large scene, in a long and winding dream.
but as i hunkered down here to do some web crawling, i saw his link and remembered.
and thought, 'hey, i don't have anything real to write today...and he is on vacation....i'll write it.'
see? that wasn't so painful, now was it?

went to the gym with the husband tonight.
it was a good time.
you know...
spotting for him, and giving him gratuitous looks up my shirt.
making him change all the weights for me between sets.
losing my god damn water bottle.
hearing my phone ring and running to catch it.
it was becky.
filled with glee...
she received her first linkage, from the illustrious Ms. Belle....
(we agreed that i don't count)
yes, she actually has a life.
and this was still highly exciting to her.

oh, god.
i feel really nauseous all of a sudden.
just took my last bite of tuna.
think happy thoughts.
think downard rippling of inside muscles.
think happy thoughts!!
a burp.
much better.
i'm glad i shared that--
a little reminder that i'm actually a dirty old man--
and i don't just use that as a figure of speech.
i really am.
those pictures are my neighbor.
i take her picture with my telephoto lens...
she has no idea.
damn, but i'd like to hit that.

no, no.
i'm not high on anything.
why do you ask?
I don't know what vagabond soul has invaded me today and is hiccoughing words out of my fingertips.
i don't ask.
i just close my eyes and go with it.
and you should do the same.

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