Thursday, April 22, 2004

Joint post day

...and no, not that kind of joint.

Ms. Becky, of A Confused State of Being fame is playing hooker hookey today.
...or most of this week, but whatever.
so we hit the gym again (yes it hurt, but we're okay) and now we're attempting this cluster fuck.
well, i imagine, at least.
since i usually think too fast to type anyway and she's on speed compared to me.
it should get crazy, so hold onto you want.
except that.
yer sick.
dude--yer at work.

now it's becky's turn

i choose 360 for my turn.
or maybe 180 i haven't really decided
hey though i figure since i am not at work it's goina be ok that I hold anything i want right?
because frankly I have an ithchin....and not the kind that you think...the other kind.

so then we are planning the great return to the bar in payson.
It might be interesting...lots of boys and maybe Hunter Dude...
or spikey the great or any number of other colorful characters
Yeah that would be nice!! I could always use a backup plan. Then again....

Lisa's ready
ummmmm to write, you pre-vert.

So today at the gym i almost killed myself with a barbell on several occassions---
they call em skull crushers for a reason, okay?
and, sadly, the reason for my almost accidents was severe, debilitating laughter.
i'm such a girl--giggling at the gym.
but i guess that's better than being a boy.
like, ew.
boys have cooties.
oh wait....
i fucking love cooties!!!!!!!
we had a grand time.
we got to check out all the hotties together, and frankly....
got a few looks ourselves.
oh come on, why else would a lazy ass like ME go to the gym??
so yeah.
that's it for me.

just a few things that I need to clear up...

lisa also loves fucking cooties.

we do love checking boys,
it's just too fucking bad that there were only two there today
but what can you do?

And the reason lisa goes to the gym is so that she can post
some all too revealing pictures so that all of you can enjoy the
boners that are tapping the tops of your desks.

We are grateful are we not?!?!?!?

Stick a fork in us we are done and or finished for you uptight grammar freaks
you know who you are!!!

and now we're off to see the wizard.
no, that's not right....
oh yeah, she's running down the street to pick up my babysitter, and we're going to go shopping.
she needs a new belly button ring, and i need some new choices for nose rings.
(if i can get the courage to pull this bloody thing out!!)
so wish us luck.

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