Friday, April 09, 2004

Fantasy Friday

Stranger in the steam room

Today at the gym I decided to use the steam room. I haven't been in there before, but I felt like pampering myself, so I cut the workout a little short and headed for some relaxation. The thick fog folded itself around me and I was thrilled by the quiet sense of solitude. I leaned back against the tile and opened my towel. I was drifting off to fantasy land when I heard the distant rumble of men's voices, echoing off the cool stone walls. The voices stopped, without coming closer, so I assumed the men had not entered the steam room. I relaxed again and smiled to myself, at the thought which fluttered behind my eyes--that man I'd noticed earlier. I wouldn't mind if he came in and stumbled upon my nudity. Letting my mind wander down this path, I became aroused. Glancing around to make sure I was still alone, I brushed my hand across my breast, then down--rubbing softly as I thought of that man. My eyes flickered open, closed, open--and I noticed someone watching. Before I had the chance to be embarrassed, I saw his face, and my heart raced. It was him. I smiled at him, and he moved hesitantly forward. I nodded slightly, my legs spread wider. The towel around his waist was poking out like a tent...but when he reached me, I tugged on it quickly, removing the barrier. His mouth opened in surprise, then transformed into a smile, before he knelt in front of me. "Do you mind?" he put my wet fingers in his mouth, then bent to continue my work. After a few minutes, I slid down, so ready for him. I stradled him, sliding up and down, up and down--he kissed me, fiercely, breathing hard. We heard voices, and paused for a moment, me offering a half smile before the voices faded and we continued--both of us past the point of no return. He laid me back, on the hard floor, the clouds of steam swirling around us, making this sureal experience even more like a dream. He asked me my name, with a playful smile, as he slid into place. I came up to meet him, not wanting to miss a touch, the pace picking up until we finished in a frenzy of rocking, kissing and touching.
Perfect timing.
A pair of older ladies shuffled in just as we were pulling towels around ourselves, starry eyed and light headed

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