Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I meant to post something cheerful earlier

but i got side tracked.
when i got out of the shower, i felt the need to do a quick photo shoot.
came up with a lot of pictures i like, so i posted a few over on buzznet.

speaking of buzznet.
my freaking husband seems to be giving this url to more and more people...
"handing it out like a business card", so i hear...
damn him to hell!
i like my privacy.
er...well...from people i have met in person at least!
oh well.
Hi Jeff!

we have a fantastic little windstorm going on.
pretty cool.

something cheerful....
i guess that's what i promised.
today is Wednesday, and friday will be episode two of my weekly girls' night.
but this time we're doing dinner and a movie.
so i'm excited for that...
see, my husband and his best friend have their little season golf pass.
so they go every saturday and sunday morning--and wednesday night is range night.
aw, shit. that's today.
oh well, the weather might suck....i can hope!
so his friend's wife--one of my closest friends--put her foot down.
she said if you can do it, we can do it.
so there.
we get a weekly date, too.

and now i really just might shoot myself in the eye.
this is what i'm talking about, by the way.
the fact that my life is boring but i usually don't bore YOU with it...
apparently i forgot how to not be dull and drivelly.
go look at my nipples, i'll be back later.
unless i find my b.b. gun.

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