Thursday, April 22, 2004

i should be in the shower right now

but that can wait.
just a quick note today...

the sky is not falling, but it sort of looks like it, out my window.
the clouds are so heavy and low.
i would take pictures but my husband took the camera today.
said he wanted to get some good nudes of himself.
yes, he was making fun of me.
fine, fine.

okay, i bowed to pressure (or the stench emanating...) and now i'm back, fully showered.
not fully dressed, it'll please you to know.
i would be.
but the kids turned off the dryer, which was drying the clothes i want to wear.
well, yes, i do have other clothes, even a robe or three.
but here i sit.

okay, i got side tracked, and now i've run way out of time.
meeting friends at the gym again, got to hurry.

I will write more later.
sorry for the let down, my loves.

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