Thursday, April 08, 2004

it's official

i'm too fucking old.
i have imposed a curfew on myself.
there just isn't anything that's worth this staying out til 3 am crap.
sure, blues Traveler was great.
but when you're falling asleep before they even start playing...
well, that's just a bad sign.
they didn't start until almost 11, to be fair.
and we had to stand in the cold rain for a half hour or so to get inside.

i'm a crotchety old bitch.

so, no more late nights for me.
until there's something i really want to do......

it's raining still, and that's nice.
life affirming, refreshing.
i love the way my skin feels when it's raining here.
i love the way i don't get as thirsty when it's raining here.
i love the way i almost feel like i could be at home when it's raining here.

i feel like i'm coming down from some sort of bizarre full moon high, and now everything is crazy and bad and ugly.
so i apologize for the strange posts this week.
i can't help myself--i tend to pour out whatever's inside onto this site, whether it's good reading or not.
...cuz remember, it's all about me.
self centered crotchety old bitch.
i'm quite a prize.

so let's talk about something warm and happy.
like chai tea, or vanilla cappucino.
freshly baked cookies, or hot nachos.
let's veer my train of thought onto a new set of tracks--
one where flowers bloom and birds sing and there are free bj's for everyone.
it would be a beautiful world, wouldn't it?
or how about let's ponder for a moment the vastness of the universe and our insignificance in it.
or maybe i should just tell a story.
what the hell day is it today??
...thursday, oh yeah.
thursdays are good days for stories.
not as good as fridays--hehe.

i'm still pissed that my pictures from Moab aren't coming off the camera.
I'll never forget the first time i went there.
we arrived in the night, so i had no idea what to expect.
we drove out behind Ken's Lake, into some dunes and threw our tent up.
not a campground, just a spot in the desert.
the cool crisp air woke us.
stepping out of the ten, i was greeted by an alien landscape.
my heart stopped for a moment, my mouth opened, my eyes widened.
i stepped further out, turning to take in every direction.
looking down at my feet--red sand.
the sky a deeper shade of blue than i'd ever seen, contrasting the red of the rocks and sand.
the green of the little desert trees proving that living things can flourish here.
the prickly pears a constant reminder to stray your eyes from the landscape.
that night we followed the directions a VW van full of stoners had given us earlier, to a drum circle.
...take the road to Dead Horse point, it's about 10 miles from the turn off, just veer off into the desert, and park...
we found them.
huge bonfires reaching into the night sky, drowning the stars with their light.
the beating of a dozen drums draws us closer.
we can feel the rhythm inside, it's so powerful.
the smoke of the bonfires, and something else.
her parents were hippies, so she identifies it easily.
two sweet byu girls.
eating up this experience with a spoon.
wide-eyed, entranced.

so that's why i love Moab.

you know, i need a handle.
a sign off phrase that's alllll mine.
in high school the principle would end the morning announcements by saying, "Have a good day and give a good day."
which drew snickers from all sides.
it is a nice thought, to be fair.
we should all try to give those around us a good day--just think how much better the world would be?
it has stuck with me, and it never fails to make me think, "Have a good day and give some good head."
i'm a huge perv.
...and maybe someday i'll grow up, but don't count on it.
just cuz i'm a crotchety old bitch doesn't mean i have to be mature.

so apparently it's Crotchety Old Bitch Day.
have a good one.
and, since i can't resist--give a good one.

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