Wednesday, April 21, 2004

well here's a newsflash...

something was brought rather stunningly to my attention tonight, on several occassions.
I am a complete fucking moron.
okay, okay, that's an over statement.
(didn't i use "understatment" in my last post? jeezus. proving my point already.)
but seriously, i'm beginning to wonder where in the bloody hell all my IQ points have wandered off to.
i guess it's true what they say: if you don't use it you lose it.
and no, i'm not looking for a bunch of people to say, "oh, no you're smart...blah blah blah"
just save it, okay?
i don't want to hear it.
what i want is to have back my ability to multi-task, my ability to think clearly, razor sharp memory.
aw, who am i kidding?
i probably never even had those things.
i have such a bad memory i probably made it all up.

i'm frickin starving.
this is good, but annoying.
good because it means my metabolism is up...
but annoying for the obvious reasons: i am too lazy to keep feeding myself.
who's going to feed me??
come on, one of you must have a slab of beef you could toss my way.
or a salmon steak.
wait a sec.
all this bitching.
and what do I hear?
my husband is in the 11pm local time....
before i get too excited, i better go inform him that i'm hungry.
he's so freaking cute, but he didn't have much of a role model for how to treat a woman...
so sometimes he's not as chivalrous as i'd like...
oh, no. none of that open my god damn car door shit.
that pisses me off.
you expect me to sit here and wait for you to walk around and open a door i could open, step through and close in that time???
fuck that.
save me the best slice of pie, sure.
cook me some breakfast in bed, fine.
that's chivalry.
...and did anyone else notice both examples included food?
yeah...i'm hungry.

he's making sandwiches.
with bread.
what a prick.

i posted pictures of my purple hair on fucking buzznet.
mostly just to move my nudes out of the line of fire.
just sick of looking at my spread legs every time i open the page.
go figure.

hubby's on the phone, and i could swear he just said, "i'm going to see about getting a perm."
let's just pretend that didn't happen.
well, actually, it didn't happen.
i just heard wrong.
yeah...we'll go with that.

and if anyone wants to dye my hair non-purple, that would be great.

i have nothing futher at this time.
and frankly, i'm not sure why i bothered with that load of crap.
please excuse me, i'll have something better posted soon.
good night.

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