Tuesday, April 06, 2004

sometimes i think i'd lose my head if it wasn't screwed on

...did i just say "screw" and "head" in the same sentence?
and it wasn't even in a pervy way.
what the hell's the matter with me?

apparently the spell of the full moon has passed....
so that's nice.
i'm feeling very calm and vanilla-like.
although, to be fair, i'm feeling like the vanilla ice cream sitting in a bowl waiting to be smeared with chocolate sauce and whipped cream...
...how you doin?

so my god damn cock sucking camera is misbehaving.
it only transferred 10 or 12 of my 100 pictures to the puter before giving me an error message and refusing to give up the rest.
hopefully i'll be able to figure it out, cuz i got some really great shots.
i didn't even come close to capturing the majesty of that place, the surreal landscape, the stark beauty.
but i did my best.
and i have a few pictures of rock formations which are so distictly phallic that i, of course, am going to post them at least once a week.
they're awesome.
and at least all these pictures are still on my camera, i can view them on the LCD, but they won't make the leap to my hard drive.
fucking scaredy cats.
wish me luck...

can i just tell you how satisfying it is to be able to propel yourself up, over, under, through, around massive rock formations with ease?
we did some pretty rugged stuff, and i was thrilled to find a practical use for all the time i spend at the gym.
i am strong.
and i like it.

and yeah, for the record, i sort of regret not taking a whole spread of nudes on the rocks.
if it would have been my husband and i instead of my best friend and i...
you can bet it would have happened.
oh well.
better luck next time, kids.

and will someone please tell me to take a fucking shower???
well, not necessarily a "fucking" one, but at least a shower.
i mean, jesus.
it's nearly noon.
the sun is shining, it's well over 70 degrees outside, and here i sit, rotting away at my desk.
i guess that proves that i'm a really committed writer.
or really lazy, but i'm inclined to go with the former on this one....

okay have a great day.
and if your grandfather who molested you as a child died yesterday--party like it's 1999, no more like 2999, and i'll come spit on his grave with you. you are free. and just think--he's meeting his maker right about now and getting the ever living shit kicked out of him, as he spirals down in a cloud of black smoke to the deepest depths of fiery hell. he finally got the bill for the grandchildren buffet and i bet he forgot his wallet. i just hope satan is as bad as i always thought he was before the South Park movie (cuz, frankly, i loved that dude!) i hope he takes payment out of the old coot's ass--with an army of scorpions followed by a quick dip in acid lake and a nice spot in the sauna of death.
peace to you.

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