Saturday, April 03, 2004

Got bit by the spring cleaning bug...

so, i'm scratching that itch today.
feels pretty good.
mp3 player on, singing along...
(sorry neighbors!)
and damn is my house sparkling.

okay, now that i'm here i got jack shit to say.
why oh why does that happen???
perhaps for some reason i'm feeling pressure today--to be particularly witty or interesting.
pressure sucks ass.
no, pressure licks hairy ball sack.
(emphasis on "hairy")
so that's why i shall shrug it off and be lame and boring without worrying.


much better.

aren't you glad you get to sit on the window seat overlooking my brain?
i mean really.
who fucking cares???
and could i possibly make these entries a little less scattered, a little less rambling and throw in a dash of coherancy?
i guess i could.
but that would take more concentration than i'm allowed in this crazy little house of mine, so i guess i'll just have to deal with it.

some good news: mr. bored finally put together a couple of computers for the boys.
so now i don't have to share!!!!
fucking kids.
trying to play educational crap games on my heroin IV.
i mean computer.
...same diff.

oh, and some better news: we're going out tonight.
okay, okay, so technically we went out a lot the past two weekends, since we were OUT OF TOWN without the offspring.
but still.
it's not the same.
we're going with some good friends, and that's always nice.
dinner, movie, bar.
and it's the bar with karaoke.
watch out Lehi!!
(which ,incidentally is the town where fucking Footloose was filmed. and everyone here thinks they're cool because of that. um. yeah....try again assholes!!!)
i was listening to Rape Me by the late great Nirvana and i had a funny thought.
what if a girl sang that at karaoke, then got raped....would she be able to press charges?
think i'll give it a try...

we're at T minus 1.5 until the babysitter arrives, so i better get busy finishing up my "chores" and get in the shower.
yes, the shower.
and i'll be thinking of you.
no, not you--come on, i have some standards.
well, not very high ones, but still.
look at yourself.
oh just kidding, i'll be thinking of all of you.
but only when i shave my legs.
the rest of the time i'll be thinking about some random hottie.
and you may or may not know who you are, because you may or may not even exist.
like my Lick submissions.
may or may not exist.
also not unlike Santa Claus, or a real live straight girl (what--every girl i know is at least bi-curious!)
anyway, the point is, i'm thinkin' me some dirty thoughts in there.

i hope anyone who is as lame as i am, to be blogging on a gorgeous saturday afternoon, will have a fan-fucking-tastic weekend.
love the one you're with.
don't forget to brush. (although if you're within 50 miles of Belle, i wouldn't attempt it while walking around the house!)
and please, please, do NOT forget to use your turn signals.

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