Tuesday, April 06, 2004

just got home...

from my quick trip to Moab.
well, not just.
I mean, i did have to bone the Mr. and get the guest room ready.
first things first, people.
but, you're only third on my list, and that's not bad--for you, at least.
...but for me, it's a little damn scary and/or pathetic.

we had a fantastic time, though.
i took around a hundred pictures, because that 900+ exposures was just too tempting...
when in the fuck will i ever need that many exposures at once???
oh well.
i haven't uploaded them yet, but i'll post a couple when they're ready.
we were in some secluded areas, and i was debating whether or not to take some topless pictures.
but i didn't.
yeah, i know, i'm a wuss.

we left yesterday around noon and stopped for lunch immediately.
that was nice, aside from the bathroom door walking into experience...
like, i pulled it open, but not far enough, and--bam!
and we drove down, J. and I jabbering incesessantly while her silent brother drove.
he literally spoke no more than 4 words in the 3 hour drive.
but when he does speak it's usually something witty or interesting, so that's nice.
as soon as we arrived we checked into the hotel and headed for Delicate Arch.

i love that hike, that view...
i think i got some really good pictures of it this time, since we didn't hike in the dark.
then we had dinner and headed back to the hotel.
where we discovered that the bathroom door was possessed by some sort of vicious little pixie/demon.
and it wouldn't let you out of the bathroom without some major cursing and rattling.
slightly exhilerating, if you ask me.
we woke to pouring rain, but by the time we had showers and breakfast and got back to the park it had let up a little.
this afforded us the chance to get a permit into one of the restricted areas, since most people were not venturing out in the rain.
fucking amazing.
It's a section called the Fiery Furnace, and we got to really explore.
it's like a giant's domino game, shaped like a labrynth...
we climbed over, under, around and through everything--perfect.
and finally around 3 the sun came out.
it was a gorgeous day, even with the rain.
that's what it means to feel alive.
i'll probably write something more about this when i get the pictures up, i don't feel like boring you with it all right now.

who wants to make fun of me?
oh, well, you will in a minute.
i promise.
i got a comment on one of my buzznet pictures....
from Raymi the Minx.
and now i feel like a 14 year old girl with a backstage pass to a justin timberlake concert.
star struck.
yes, i realize this means i need more help than is currently available.
yes, i realize this makes me a bigger dork than Screech from Saved by the Bell.
I can't help it.
she's a blogger celebrity and you all know it.
she's cooler than us, she's hotter than us (and yes this is physiologically possible, although it requires logorithms, a microscope, and an oddly intimate knowledge of knitting...)
and not only that, but she's a hell of a writer.
so there.
go ahead, snicker at me, sneer, but don't talk yourself into believing that you wouldn't feel the same way.

i had a bit of distress over this 24 hour leave of absence from my laptop.
it was like being away from one of my children.
oh wait.
i was away from them, too.
...didn't notice that so much...
it's just that i kept having ideas, things i wanted to write down.
not just for you guys, but for serious writing type crap.
i had a brilliant little raindrop of an idea slip into my head as i lay, slowly waking this morning.
a phrase, at first, then a sentence to explain it.
a title for a collection of my fantasy fridays...
or perhaps just for a book.
i love it.
no, i'm not going to tell you.
but i scrabbled around in the drawer for that hotel room notepad and scribbled it down with a god damned pencil.
what am i, a barbarian???
a cave woman?
that's the last time i go anywhere further than the grocery store without my laptop.

i just figured out why i felt like/acted like a cat in heat last week.
well, besides the fact that it's my normal behavior...
it is a full moon right now.
so, i guess that i had full moon fever a little early?
which reminds me...
we saw the moon rise over the mountains the other night, at dinner.
it was really beautiful.
but i couldn't help but start humming a little CCR---there's a bad moon on the rise...
there wasn't, though.
just a regular one.
i sort of wished for a bad moon--cuz that sounds like it would be fun.
bad=fun, in case you missed that lesson in school.
really bad=really fun.
so, in math terms, the degree of badness is directly proportional to the degree of fun-ness.
but also, for the record, math sucks dog shit.
or dog balls.
maybe both.
whatever, i'm going to bed.

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