Thursday, April 08, 2004

Random thoughts while cooking dinner, jotted on a note pad

yeah, a real live pad of paper.
with a pen.

You know, it's really nice when you can recognize your own PMS fairy.
that manly gait as she lumbers down a shadowy hallway toward you.
the ragged prom dress rustling, her tangled hair holding a broken tiara in place.
a gleam in her bloodshot eyes, possibly catching the light--reflecting off the sickle in her hands.
Death's dyke cousin and she hasn't had her carpet munched in over 20 years.
she's not someone you tend to set out the good china for, if you know what i mean.
this is more of a "every man for himself", "hit the deck", or "man overboard" type of situation...
i'm thankful for the speed with which i recognize her.
somehow it helps.
Really only takes me one to three unsuitable emotional outbursts and i can generally admit--through the gritted teeth of my grimacing face--"It's just PMS for chrissakes!"
could be tears at an AT&T commercial.
could be tears at your AT&T bill...
could be boiling, lava-like rage at your husband's suggestion that you might want to call the gym to make an appointment for the daycare.
could be the groggy, un-cozy refusal to shower before 5 pm.
could be odd, misplaced jealousy over something ridiculous.
hell, you get the picture.
oh and speaking of pictures.
i can't decide if i should simply sacrifice the rest of the Moab ones and start over or SEND IT AWAY to be retrieved...
i hate being inconvenienced but i think i hate losing pictures/a record of something more.
i don't know.
it's a toss up.
aw, toss this fuckers.
(ooh, could that be my new sign off line??? just kidding.)

anyway, i apparently thought this was a train of thought worth pursuing. a hobo in the night.

do you know what i love about this job?
the boys.
yeah, i love you rockin, ass-kickin, funny as all hell girls too.
possibly even more than the boys.
but i'm a girl who likes boys.
plain and simple.
i like em to tell me nice things, and i like em to look all different types of good.
i like to read their words and give them shit.

i just realized the irony of that paragraph being on the same post as the pms rant.
kinda funny.

wish me lucky dreaming up a good story for y'all...

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