Tuesday, April 20, 2004

...well we all shine on

like the moon and the stars and the sun...
which probably means we should dig out that compact, dab on a little powder.
or something.

all that crap about the glory of rain?
i'm done.
this is day 3.
i am a spoiled desert-dweller now, who prefers her skies blue.
why yes i am, and thanks for asking.

so here's what i'm wondering:
how in the world am i going to get my hair to not be purple anymore?
it's purple.
fucking purple.
that was not exactly what i had in mind.
and i don't look very closesly at myself a lot of the time, for as much as i play the narcissist....
i didn't really notice it was purple until yesterday.
had it dyed on saturday.
and no, there wasn't even any alcohol consumption on which to blame my lack of observationalisitcal skills.
but i do love making up words.
oh well.
i guess i'll just stay out of direct sunlight, so my hair will just look black-ish.
god DAMN but i didn't want purple hair.
it's that stupid burgandy color.
and not only that, but it's like straw--dry and straight.
fuck fuck fuck.
so much for going with a new person to do my color.
i should have known not to trust her--chirpy little utah girl.

but at least my abs and obliques are so sore i can hardly stand it.
that makes me glow with joy.
i killed those fuckers yesterday.
aw, crap--i think i just used my entire day's supply of "fuck".
sorry...i just love that word so very much.
like, way more than i love you, or you--but less than i love you.
don't you love such vagueness?
and of course, the best part is that i'm not really talking about anyone.
yeah, i'm a dork.

so here's how you know you've been spending too much time glued to your computer:
(if you're me, at least)
1. your shoulders ache from the strange angle of the chair being a little too low--or high?
2. your ass is literally talking to you--and not in some gassy way, i'm talking real words here--begging for mercy
3. you have pulled your kids' wagon under the table for a foot rest and get really snippy if they try to play with it.
4. this isn't a very long list, but it sure is hellish

i want to kick myself in the neck for this.
see, we put computers in my kids' playroom, for them.
so of course, i unhooked my laptop from its docking station and 21 inch monitor....
and now get to choose between perching it on my lap on the couch in here--
or sitting at their craft table in this stupid fucking (oops) metal chair.
but since they're in here most of the time, it just makes sense.

i guess i'll just have to start blowing visiting a chiropractor.
or...i could bring one of those uber-comfy office chairs down.
you've probably heard me bitch about that before.
now, i admit to being somewhat lazy and a bit of a procrastinator (yes these are gross understatements)...
but the thing is, this chair weights like 400 pounds and is as awkward to hold as a baby porcupine.
and no, i'm not exaggerating.
like i would do that.

so today will probably be a busy day for me.
i have my nephew here, who we call "the triplet" because he's only a month older than my twins.
and his 7 year old brother ended up coming, too since he was puking all night and couldn't go to school.
my brother & his wife are in mexico lying on the beach for the whole week.
and good for them!
they have 6 kids so a vacation alone is a rare and beautiful thing.

have a seriously fanastic day.
or a fantastically serious day.
nah, go with the first one.

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