Monday, September 19, 2005

a quick good morning

I'm really quite disgruntled that I have to GET UP in the mornings, nowadays.
what a strange and silly custom.
to start things that are important, like school or work, at such ridiculously early hours.
I mean, shit.
8 a.m....that's still yesterday, I don't care what your silly rules say.

the hangover wasn't bad, and you should all be assured I was not driving impaired.
the most I ever felt at the party was a buzz,
and I stopped drinking a couple of hours (or more) before driving.
I read yesterday's post and realized I probably sounded terribly irresponsible--
and it made me uncomfortable.
I try not to be judgmental, in general, but that's something that is big to me.
as in, some rules are actually NOT made to be broken.
as in, I respect others too much to take that kind of chance.
so, yeah.
just to clear the air.

I really feel like writing a long post right now,
but I think it's just the Grand Procrastinator whispering in my ear...
tickling my toes...
but I refuse his advances.
I have a new beau, now, G.P.
I don't need your cheap thrills and instant gratification anymore.
I have facts to memorize and papers to submit.
and I shall do so.

too much to do.
more later.

in the meantime, check this out, for a little Monday-morning-pick-me-up.

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