Monday, September 12, 2005

(Un) comfortably Numb…

That’s right.
Just another day at the dentist.
All I could think of was that story I wrote last year…
In honor of my 666th post.
I’m thinking, with a little work, it could be a real story.
I have put my finger on the two things I hate about having cavities filled,
And therefore shall make damn sure to not face it again in future.
  1. the increased heart rate, following my numbing shots—
(totally freaks me out, WTF??)
  1. the inability to swallow during the drilling and filling
(hey, that sounds like porn…)
So, yeah.
I recovered from my heart palpitations, only to fight off drowning for the next hour!
Jesus h.
I can almost feel my throat again.

I think crazy carpenter dude got the hint.
He seems to be avoiding us…
I wonder if he found my blog?
Or overheard something…?
Well, whatever.
Why did I think the finish work would be so quick?
They’re still doing cabinetry and lighting…
We haven’t even been SHOWN carpet samples yet!

Well, I’ve successfully tucked the kids up with a movie,
In the hopes that I could finish up my homework
(due by midnight!)
so…I better get hoppin’.

Happy grey Monday to y’all!
(well, it’s grey here.)


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