Friday, September 09, 2005

Drive-by Blogging...

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and at the end there, the point I was trying to make was this:
men are babies when they're sick.
mine's not tooooo bad, but still.
guess why I was at wally world at 9 on a friday night (practically in my pjs)?
he needed alka seltzer plus.
he deserves it.

and remind me to do Jerry('s meme) the next time I post.
I answered it in his comments, but I actually want to pass this one on--
it's easy and fun.
(just like Darby!)
...private jokes are not very funny when the only other person who "gets" it isn't around.
in fact, they're rather rude, in that instance.
but that's just me.
and socially unacceptable.
do I sound like an 80's cliche yet?
if not, I'll keep trying...
no getting up to an alarm!!!
first time in 4 days!
I know, it's a rough life.
I'll try to get by...
sleep well my beautiful liars, my precious whores.
that doesn't really fit here, but we all love NIN, so deal with it.

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