Saturday, September 17, 2005

that's when I knew she was pretending--

pretending to under-staaaaaaaaand.

stupid bitch.


I am sorry I've been dragging you guys all along on my "i'm starting college again after ten years" journey...
it's all I can talk about some days.
how very boring.
so I won't dwell on the fact that I'm studying for a test today...
and I wont' try to sound casual by calling it "a test"...
it's the first exam I have taken in 9 years!!!!
and I'm beginning to wonder why I thought it would be important to memorize a bunch of facts about the birth of Rock n Roll...
I'm going to be a nervous wreck until Tuesday morning.
after which I'll either be relieved and joyful,
or releived and suicidal.
eh, either way.
as long as I feel SOMEthing, right?

I'm overbooked this weekend.
party tonight,
hike with best friend tomorrow afternoon,
and family dinner tomorrow evening.
I suspect I'll do better on the test if I not only finish typing up my notes into flashcard format, but STUDY them, as well.
shit piss fuck.
eh, I'll make it.
I just wish I hadn't been sick last week.
that's my excuse THIS time.
I wonder what it'll be next time...

I hope you're all having lovely weekends.
Me and the Indigo girls, Godsmack & Pearl Jam are going to put in a little more time on my study notes.
then it's time to dress for dinner, hit the liquor store and--
I'm nervous and excited.
lots of people I don't know will be there.
My husband decided he wants to come now, too, which would be AWESOME,
except for the fact that his indecision has caused the lack of babysitter and the incredible rudeness of calling the host to add another guest at the last minute.
in other words: not gonna happen.

bon nuit, mes amours--

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