Sunday, September 25, 2005

I've been tagged...

and because I watched "My Name is Earl" the other night,
the image associated with being tagged is having an empty beer can thrown at me.
I think it's on NBC, and if you haven't watched it (it's new this season), please do me a favor and watch it.
no, not "do yourself a favor"--
fuck you, I'm the one who'll benefit from it.
(that makes no sense, but I'll ignore it if you will.)

Ok, so a fantastic new blog I found the other day has just tagged me for a meme thing.
the only reason I'm excited to do it, is because his was done so well.
And did I mention I checked his blog simply because he shares my son's name,
but he's hot so now I'm conflicted.
how am I supposed to fantasize properly about someone named "Max"???
I mean, hell, Jerry's hot little 20 year old is named Max and I haven't been able to conjure one decent father/son tag team scenario, and I blame the name.
it could also be the ickiness factor of a vision including a father and a son screwing the same nasty slut.
...which I'm not, so there ya have it.
damn, it's hard to keep my fantasies in order!!
I need a secretary or something.
(but only if she's bi-curious.)
--christ, I'm weird today.
I was going to do the Meme, but now I'm thinking I should just do the fantasy...
the one involving a bear and a bathroom.
just kidding!!!
(I'm protesting a little too much, aren't I...?)
wooo, I'm on a roll, but it doesn't strike me as a particularly fruitful one, so maybe I'll just write about some household crap for a minute.
clear my head, ya know?

I have a couple of pumpkin pies in the oven,
and a turkey set to roast as soon as I pull those out.
there will be mashed potatoes, gravy, cornbread stuffing, corn, carrots,
and cranberry sauce.
is your mouth watering yet?
mine is.
It's a gorgeously sunny, crisp fall day here.
The little guys and I will go hiking while the turkey roasts,
and then we'll eat before the men go off golfing.
It is a harvest feast--
Thanksgiving on my own terms.

ok, I just read back over the beginning and I hope it sounds as humorous to you all as it does to me
...if you take it seriously, I might be in trouble.
hell, if you took it seriously, you can make like a monkey and go fuck yourself.
also, I'm sure that my acid trip of a post has probably at the very least made the guy blush, and most likely scared the living hell out of him--
or into him, or over under around and through him.
I promise I'm only weird sometimes...

gonna post the meme later, since I don't want the nice folks from max's site reading this filth...I'd be the one blushing, then!

I'm seriously questioning my sanity over leaving this post up, but since when has that stopped me?

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