Wednesday, September 14, 2005

How come everything’s a Pink Floyd song this week??

Well, maybe it’s not.
But it should be.
And I need to change the template on my haloscan if I want the gravatars to show up,
But I don’t wanna.
And I should change the template on my Drawing Board blog so the stuff I post from here will show up right.
But I don’t wanna.
And I should start studying for my first exam in History of Rock n Roll,
Which is next Tuesday….
I don’t wanna.

My cold is receding,
I still don’t feel great.
Who said I have to feel great in order to study or write papers?oh, that’s right:
Yes, I’ll quit being such a pussy pretty soon.
You have to understand…
In high school, I think I missed a total of 3 or 4 days.
The entire 4 years.
When I was a member of the workforce,
I didn’t call in sick.
AND I worked for 80 hours a week during much of that time—
As a waitress.
I didn’t whine about THAT.
I wore it as a badge of honor.
It’s like I’ve gone all soft,
I’ve been spoiled,.
and it’s just no good.

Also, this whole “Kindergarten for 3 hours” business is really starting to piss me off.
I can’t do SQUAT in that time!
Because by the time I do hubby, cook his breakfast, and shower—
There’s only an hour left til I pick up the kiddlets.
And, of course, I have to BLOG.
I’m tired.
And sneezy.
And stuffy.
And puffy.
But I need to go to the store.
And I have bunko tonight.
What the FUCK?
Microsoft fucking god damn Word recognizes “bunko” as a real word?jesus fucking Christ.
I’m going to lose my mind.
I should turn that shit off--
I know, I know.
But I like it.
Anyway, I’m glad that my insistence that I never used to be a whiner didn’t do a damn thing to derail my insistent need to continue whining.
Yay for whining!

Someone shoot me.
well…not with a gun or anything.
Not even a water gun, cuz that would make me ornery.
Just make a gun with your hand and point it at me, while making a sound effect of some gun-like variety.
I don’t know!!!!
I’m just saying, something needs to stop me from whining so!!!

I guess I could lay on the couch and watch—
Well, fuck.
Regis is over and the view hasn’t started,
Which means, that here in the fucked up stupid ass state of Utah,
There is “Good Day Utah” for my viewing pleasure.
It’s the worst television show I’ve ever seen.
Including “who wants to marry a millionaire?”
(which reminds me of the sketch SNL did around that time “who wants to get groped by a ten-thousandaire?”)
and no, ABC isn’t the only channel I get…
I have plenty of channels, it’s just that I really kind of enjoy those two shows,
Watch them.
Unless I’m at the gym.
The gym is my excuse for watching soaps, too.
They’re so ridiculous.
But they pass the time, and they’re so easy to follow—
Since they state everybody’s relationship, name, rank and serial number every time a scene opens.

Fuck me.
And now I’m down to just under 30 minutes til blast off,
So I better at least ATTEMPT to do some homework.

If only whine could be turned to wine, or water…
Sorry for the lameness.
Scroll down if you don’t like it.

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