Friday, September 23, 2005

Couple of quick clarifications:

My blog will be 3 years old in December,
so I'm not quite there yet.
Thanks for all your congratulatory remarks, though!! you guys so much it makes my ass itch.

And secondly, the dessert issue.
I was trying to say it should always be kept out of reach by an outside force, i.e. budget.
This is really just my weak attempt at having no ownership of my own vast lack of self-control.

the end.

well, not quite the end, because I have cookies in the oven as I type this...
It's really a curse to be such a good cook.
I know some of you can relate...
Trainer dude kicked my ass an' good today, though.
It's going to be great vaudvillian comedy to try to watch me get out of bed in the morning.
Abs of squeal steel.
There's steel under there...

One more thing:
on top of all the school work and house cleaning/laundry/housewifely duties of a private nature (snort! what's private about ME???),
I now have to fight my kids for computer time.
I am SO divorcing my husband if he doesn't get their computers fixed soon.
by fixed up I mean "to work fast enough that their minute portions of patience can handle playing games on them."
thank you.
good night.

one more thing...
it looks, at this particular moment, as though the stars may have aligned properly to allow me an evening out.
and not just with the darling husband,
but with Becky and her (ex)husband, too.
wish me luck--
mostly with the hangover, since I have a raquetball court reserved for noon...


I literally just let out a squeal of delight, scaring my kids.
I got an email from my professor, and I am jumping for joy...
since I already talked to my Mom today, I'm sharing it with you guys:

"Oh, man, Lisa, Lisa. You’re such a damn good writer, you must be getting tired of me telling you so. Here’s the moment this week: The rope Dickie had thrown to tie up to their skiff fell short. Reaching for it, he slipped, and fell in. The Atlantic is entirely unforgiving in any season, and March is no closer to spring than a snowplow’s blade. The water shocked him, and he floundered—like most fishermen in the northeast, he didn’t know how to swim. His father, too, was among those fishermen, but on instinct plunged in after him.

Amazing, what follows is just as good. Maybe better. The real difficulty for any writer is finding the balance of telling and showing. You just seem to go and the balance finds itself, if that’s possible. I think it’s your precision of language, or maybe it’s your ease at the keyboard (thanks for allowing me into that space in your writing piece), but I know you’re able to both show and tell at once, and this is the key. You’re never boring. Your scene is brilliant. The ending is moving. Lisa, go, girl, go."

for the rest of the piece he's quoting, go here.
that URL cracks me up...
I created that blog probably 2 years ago, or so, just as a spot to post creative stuff, and I've mostly used it to set up direct links to the Fantasy Friday posts, because what I lack in html knowledge I have in yankee ingenuity, dammit!
hell, as far as that goes, what I have in html knowlege I owe to yankee ingenuity, anyway!
ok, that fucking MADE my weekend.
now I better get a fucking move on if I'm going to have my 6-15 page Unit project done on time, and in a similarly professor-wowing manner!!
uh...thanks for being the ones I done learnt on, guys.

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