Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I can almost smell my life receding to its proper alignment...

Or maybe that's just the tile grout wafting up from the basement.
yes, we're getting

I bought what must be the last remaining un-purchased copy of the newest Harry Potter tonight.
and the Chronicles of Narnia, all in one book.
that one I'll read to my kids, but not Harry Potter.
I am not sure why I'm still sitting here, when the book is giving me the come-hither stare...
I just wish Harry would get old enough for me to fantasize about.
books are entirely worthless without sex.
it's a proven fact.

oh, and I've turned in my second assignment for my Creative Writing class,
and I am on fire.
(my fingers & mind, not my crotch, just for the record)
here's a little excerpt from the feedback my proffessor gave me:
Lisa, I’m going to really enjoy your writing. Excellent, excellent openings. Tone more than anything else, and I’m beginning to think tone is one of the more vital features for a writer to look at. And your pace—again, the rhythm of the writing matches the images you’re creating.

I was ecstatic.
especially after receiving the email he sent to the whole class, offering a mild apology for how hard he was on everyone!
ok, no victory dance just yet, but I'm feeling fantastic.
we're doing the unit (hehe...unit) on personal essays, which I've discovered is exactly the same as writing a blog post!!
not one of MY blog posts...
like, those of you with TOPICS and THEMES all that sort of shit.
super fun.

and now I am losing focus due to the large number of people who seem to be magnetically attached to my house for no apparent reason
(ok, fine, their reasons are apparent, but I still don't like it!)

and now it's time for oreos.
and milk.
(mr. potter if you're half-blood!)
ok, ok, i'm leaving already...
back off.

is anyone else tired of my life getting too busy for bloggign??
yeah, me too.
smooch you all from head to toe--
(nope, not really all of you...)

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