Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ok, two burning thoughts

actually maybe 3, but let me get into it before I forget something.
first of all, I am approaching my 3 year anniversary of writing on this blog.
this got me to thinking that we should count blog years like dog years.
It's a pretty crazy thing to have been doing this nearly every day for 3 years.
I don't know what the statistics are, but I do know that the majority of blogs don't last very long.
so, I'm thinking, for each day you posted, it should count as 4 1/2 months.
so, number of days times 4.5 = your age in blog years.
and yes, I'm full of shit.
but really, something to think about.
stop right now and ponder it.
mull it.
chew on it.
consider it.
blah blah.

ok, my other thought was this:
(it's a little weird, but stay with me)
one of the biggest reasons I eat too much dessert is this:
because I can.
when I was growing up, there were rations.
mom made a (fucking mouth watering) apple pie?
the 4 of us each got two pieces.
mom bought a box of ice cream sandwiches?
we each got 3.
and because you knew that she only shopped once a week, you didn't tend to go overboard.
unless it was cream chesse filled chocolate cupcakes...
my sister and I would gigglingly egg each other on, to 3 or 4 in a sitting.
seemed like a disgustingly large amount at the time.
I do the shopping.
I do the baking.
(did some at home too, obviously, but we still divied it up)
therefore, I am in complete control of what kinds of dessert we have, and how much of it I can eat.
up until recently, the kids weren't even allowed to have real dessert, and my husband is only marginally interested, and besides, he's not around most of the time.
so it's like...
free for all!!
I scramble to eat it all, figuratively looking over my shoulder to see if my mom's watching.
she's not.
un fortunately.
christ that took a long time!!!
the point is:
the cost of dessert items should be directly proportional to your income.
there should be a formula, and whatever category you fit, you have to pay a certain price.
like that game...
shit, what was it?
(I think)
a board game.
just like that.
fuck, I'm making no sense.
I should cut my losses.

ok, I had one more...
but what the fuck was it??
I think it might have been the most coherant/interesting one of all.
then again, maybe not.

well, Thursdays are busy days, and this one's even worse.
I'll look up your skirts stop by your blogs as soon as possible.
I hate it when I don't have time to read....
my inbox is piling up, too.
whose idea was this school thing anyway???

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