Friday, September 09, 2005

Well I mean reallllly--

You guys are a bunch of perverts.
Wait…this font only does caps.
How about this one?
Now that’s annoying…
Ok, this one could work.
I’ll have to post it and check…

Oh yeah, back to my stinging accusation:
Damn horndogs!
I shan’t discuss it further.
You know who you are.
And let it be known that I have been horny enough to cross that boundary,
but only a very few times.
We have enough sex the rest of the time.

Woo hoo!
Phone just rang.
An apologetic trainer started to say he couldn’t make it today.
He got an ear full of, “Wooo-Hooo!”
Hey, I have a cold—
Sore throat, mostly.
But I also haven’t started my homework for Monday yet,
and now would be the perfect time to do that.
And speaking of perfection…
Bagel with strawberry cream cheese (fat free, even!)
And freshly cut watermelon, straight from the garden (someone else’s).
AND my toaster even has a “bagel” setting, which means it’s not toasted, it’s just warm…
So utterly fabulous.
And now I’m wishing I could type with one hand.
I’m sure y’all can relate to that! (perverts)

(WARNING: Rant to follow)

So I’m having this stupid discussion for my creative writing class…
The prof asked us to talk about what offends us, especially with regards to art,
And what our feelings are on censorship: whether there is ever a time for it, etc.
This was something I jumped on, and posted the first response to it.
So a few other people posted, blah blah blah.
And then this brain dead girl posted the most poorly constructed rant I’ve seen in a long time—
Talking about how people should censor themselves all the time and directly refuting something I had said, about truth in art, as well as contradicting herself a few times.
She said something RETARDED about truth having no place in the telling of a story.
Um, ok, cunt.
So, of course I had to pose a response to that garbage.
Stating that we should never censor our creativity, because our society does a pretty good job of filtering what gets to the public as it is, and that truth is a necessity for good art of any medium, because that is what the viewer/reader/listener relates to.
Her response was hilarious, as well.
She opened with an enormous run-on sentence,
Asking if I thought she should still refrain from censoring herself if it was her artistic bent to skin the little boy down the street and make a lampshade out of it.
Followed by asking if she wanted to write a book on how to molest a child should she do that, too?
OK, dumbass.
(I’m sorry, is that stuff art or a felony???)
And then she finished up by saying “”Truth” and the reality of life is harsh enough that books and art do not need to reverberate that level of pain.
This was too good to pass up—
Too easy.
So I responded—
A little too emotionally, perhaps, but well written.
My hands were shaking when I finished typing it.
Just basically saying that skinning a child is not art, and that just because life is hard doesn’t mean we don’t express that!!!  
I included: some of the best writing I’ve encountered deals with the horrors of the human condition. “Night”, by Elie Weisel tells of his own experiences in the concentration camps and is a perfect example of this.
We learn from these things and find strength in them, not to mention the amazing emotional healing that comes from writing about your pain!!!
God, she’s a moron.
And, let’s don’t forget: Lisa HATES confrontation.
I shy away from it whenever possible.
Hell, just now?
The contractors walked through—boss man came to figure out some shit that has hit the fan.
He asked about an incorrect light fixture.
We chose ALL brushed nickel stuff for the bathroom fixtures, but this vanity light was chrome.
But I still told him that if he couldn’t find the one we were talking about, that it wasn’t a big deal.
Fuck that.
It is TOO a big deal.
Good thing he’s walking out with it right now.
He’s a good guy.
It’ll be fine.
I just hate being impolite about it.
Firm, but accepting, that’s me.
I’ll tell ya what I want, but I’ll gently remind you that it’s ok if you fail….
I’m such a weiny.

I know I say this at least twice a month,
I think this may be the worst post ever.
I’m not feeling it.
Are you??

Anyway, I really fucking hate confrontation.
And I would have been better off to just let it lie.
I just can’t stand blatant stupidity—
Especially when people think they’re RIGHT.
No, fuckface, you’re NOT right.
Sure, art can go too far.
But that doesn’t mean that the artists should censor themselves.
My burning question through all of this has been:
If a tree falls in the forest and no one’s around to hear it, does it make a noise?
In other words…make all the offensive shit you want.
Just don’t expect others to call it art, or to find an audience for it.
People here are so sheltered.
I’m pretty sure this girl is one of the little rich girls I love to hate around here.
Spoiled, high-maintenance, clueless, and brainless.
Her first essay we posted was about tripping down some steps in her jumping clogs—
For showing horses.
For the record, the essay was not as dreadful as some of them, but it wasn’t great.
Ok, here I am dwelling on this.
And I need to pee.
And go get started on my paper.

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