Friday, September 30, 2005

there should be things to say...

but I'm not sure yet if I can remember
any of them.

Let's see...
not with our eyes, though.
just with our hands and mouths.
I should make a beautiful oil painting to be framed and hung above my bed--
4 feet wide
3 feet tall
in dark and deep shades of bright colors
with ornate lettering, declaring:
look with your hands not with your eyes.
maybe another, smaller sign:
because really, that's life.
I'm no more complex than anyone else...
I just happen to be paying very
attention to the details.
push me just a little further,
in any of the myriad directions I am already stretching--
and you have Crazy.
that's my guess, at least.
I'm almost OCD,
almost anxious,
almost depressed,
almost manic,
almost multiple personality-ridden
but instead, I sit in the lotus position, balanced between them all.
they're further away than that, really.
but I can see them from here.
and I love the view.
I love typing with my eyes closed,
and dreaming in color.
I love cooking french toast, then getting back in bed to snuggle with a warm husband.

no school today.
and I'm more grateful than the kids have realized they should be.
school is a lot of work for a lazy/distracted/unused-to-routines little faux-princess like myself.
but shopping isn't...
my favorite department store is having it's semi-annual sale right now...
I like $100 dollar pairs of jeans for 30.
hubby got two pairs of Doc Martens for 30 each.
he needed them.
4 pairs of shoes for him total--
a man who usually wears one pair until it's thrashed.
we both love bargains, so it was fun.
about $1500 worth of clothes for just under $500.
and in just under 2 hours.
...makes me so horny.

I think today could be a day for a nature photography outing.
but probably not.
I'm WICKED lazy.

we're supposed to go out with friends tonight,
and to a house-warming party for some other friends tomorrow night.
we have no babysitters.
hubby has always been allergic to planning ahead,
and I believe the condition has been exacerbated by the increased levels of stress at work lately.
it's beginning to piss me off.
so, my new motto is: if he refuses to plan ahead, and there is no babysitter, I will go anyway.
that'll teach him.
or something.
His company is sending us to dinner to thank him for all his good work, so I guess I can't complain.

I finished the baby blanket...
I'm such a hack seamstress.
but it's fun.

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