Friday, September 09, 2005

Let me try this again...

I posted a long ranting piece, below, but I'd rather leave you with something better for the weekend.

so, here are my notes from class yesterday.
not my notes 'from' class.
the things which occurred to me while I listened...

* The way that you view a person changes your view of them.
The things you imagine about them, the judgments you make of them, color the picture of them, and distort it.

* I am almost settled into my new routine, now.
The changes in my life are beginning to not startle me.

* At first all new bands appear to be small pebbles on the shore, washed over by waves, but time will reveal which ones were boulders buried deeply.

and that's all I have today.
I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate
the construction dude.
he's crazy and annoying.

my throat is killing me.
I am glad my trainer cancelled on me today.
I need a shower.
and to escape the hideous non-conversation with this guy!!!
you know I'm working on writing something.
please don't talk to me.
ok, coast is clear.
I'm going to shower.
and if I decide to keep procrastinating my assignment,
you'll get another post later.
maybe something chipper.
maybe something Daler.
if not, have a great weekend.

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