Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I have a feeling...

that I have limited time for peace and quiet.
the boys are tucked up with a new movie (Robots) for a "rest".
This whole getting up early business isn't easy on ANY of us!
apparently they've inherited my need to wake of my own free will.
poor little grouchy buggers.
they're so beautiful I can hardly stand to not cover them with kisses every minute, though.
falling in love with your children is way better than romance.
it's a cross between narcissism and some strange disease wherein you love something that sucks the life outta you.
another good one for ya:
My kids are my life.
Which explains my sporadic suicidal notions. least I think I'm funny!!

Ok, my tasks for today are as follows:
* dye hair
* fix boys' ratty baby blankets so they don't accidentally get strangled in their sleep.
* scrub all 900 square feet of god damn ceramic tile in my house.
(not only is that not an exaggeration, but it's probably an underestimate)
* eat something healthy for lunch
* refrain from baking a dessert
* daydream about sexy bloggers x, Y, and Z...
* put in some good solid hours on my essay
* start best friend's baby blanket...for baby who is approaching 3 month birthday!!!
(I have bloody GREAT excuses, though: sewing machine was broken, couldn't find new part, finally found missing part just in time for school to start, and basement to be torn apart...ok, that last one doesn't really count because I could still sew somewhere else in the house...but cold weather's approaching and this blanket is going to be beautiful---if the frustrations of my wrong-sized squares of patchwork don't drive me to new heights of madness)

Guess why I don't make To-Do lists more often?
that's right.
cuz it's DAMN depressing to fail on such a grand level.

I just realized it's only 3 weeks until we head to southern Utah for the Shakespeare festival!
My first time since moving here.
Hopefully we'll be able to fit in a jaunt over to Zions for a hike, and LOTS of drinking.
I guess I should just acknowledge my age,
and start drinking EARLIER.
hangovers are way less severe if you're sober before bed.
And then, as soon as we can get it planned,
a girls' weekend to Zions for hiking and drinking.
...not intoxicated hiking, though.
especially on Angel's Landing.

Ok, I'm going to keep this short today so that I have more time to visit YOUR blogs.

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