Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I'd like to teach the world to sing,

I can't sing, so it wouldn't really get very far.
it's the thought that counts, though.
RIGHT, fuckers!

so today I had one of those moments...
where you think of doing something, and don't, then wish you would have.
nothing major, just a missed scenic photo op.
the clouds are incredible today, with some orange spots on the mountains, and bright blues skies...
but why the FUCK would I take my camera to the doctor's office (which I didn't get around to yesterday) and the grocery store???
I mean, granted, there are sometimes some SWEET mullets kicking around Wally World,
or, like today, some hotties in the waiting room at the VD clinic doctor's office.
I wouldn't usually quite have the balls to whip it out (the camera!!) and go for it.
what huh?
where was I?
I had to get blood drawn so they could test my god damn thyroid levels.
I hate that shit.
I don't mind needles, it's just an inconvenience, and lord save me from being slightly annoyed!
speaky of divas...
anyone caught Martha Stewart's new show?
I would have to say I'll probably like it, once the shock wears off.
the intro alone is enough to make my head explode from sheer failed-atempts at wrapping around it...
it's so perky and cute and--
it's like the Martha anti-christ.
but we'll see.

in other news...
I don't have any other news.
well, I could probably manufacture some.
that reminds me!!
a while back, Sara and I were having a comments-box discusion about weird little OCD things.
I knew I had a good one, but I couldn't think of it.
"good" = crazy, fyi.
here it is:
when I'm talking, even to myself (in my head, never do it aloud)...
choose words based on a need to form a certain group of letters with my mouth.
yeah, I know...
I wonder if anyone else ever does this!
it's really strange.
I don't always follow the instructions of my uptight inner voice,
but usually there is a good word to go in the sentence that fits the requirements...
and often it's a better word-choice than the most obvious.
so it actually makes me wonder if it's just some sort of premonition thing.
I'm soooooooooo trying to get committed!!
just think how cool that would be:
I wouldn't have to cook or clean...
I could read and write.

ok, this is going nowhere fast.
have a good day and give a good day.
(that last one is compliments of my high school principal, and you long-time readers would probably remember that...)

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