Thursday, September 08, 2005

chicken in a biscuit with chili peppers and cherries

Why am I bothering to post?
I got NOTHIN’.
A big, fat, steaming pile of it.

I will post later.
After I do my homework.
Or write my article for my writer’s group.
But definitely before the other stuff I’m going to do with someone else in an undisclosed location…
ok, that was code for marital sex, but it’s a lie.
As prairie biker so hilariously put it, this ride is out of service for the next 4-6 days.

Sorry I mentioned it…
Jeez, now I feel like I have to post, to make up for that torture.
Oh well.
Instead, I’ll fight two directions of rush hour traffic to pick the husband up from work.
(His car is in the shop.)

real post later.
I promise.
In fact, I scratched out some cool notes while I was in class this morning.
Just for you fellas.
(fellas is a non-gender-specific term around here, deal with it.)

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