Sunday, September 18, 2005

This is your audio post...

and THIS is your audio post on paper.
this is a drunken post, I'm guessing.
only that would be admitting that I still feel a bit of a buzz.
and I just drove home.
but I was cool, trust me.
I don't take that kind of chance.
I was debating whether or not to call in a post,
but then "red, red wine" came on and I went for it.
couldn't dial properly since the lights on my keys kept going off.
as soon as I started the post,
a copper merged onto the freeway riiiight ahead of me.
so I hung up.
turns out, it was a fucking SECURITY car.
but the evening was amazing.
I am still glowing,
but the regret is creeping in--
I talked to much and listened too little.
I was the star of the show...
and it felt warm and sparkly on my skin.
my hair looked perfect,
whcih was a concern, since one of the dinner guests was a hairdresser.
and absolutely fucking fabulous.
not flamboyant, but great.
he used to ride the bus with my Perry.
my boy...
I said, "he was 16 and I was 21"
he said, "yeah, I understand, I wanted to fuck him, too."
it felt really connected...
to meet someone who knew him, probably around the time that I knew him...
my green eyed boy.
and there was a Persian woman who earned her way off my "you're too pretty to like" list before long.

but then I walked into my kitchen and there are two men arguing philosophy.
yes, my husband and his brother.
brother is majoring in philosophy, as a precursor to law school.
it's funny...
they both argue the same way...
I can't explain it without making them sound stupid,
and they're not.
they're at least as smart as I am, smarter in some ways.
and that's huge for me to admit.
hello Lisa's ego, how're you?
fine, fine.
we had a good night.
yes, much ego stroking.
and a silly game of truth or dare.
oh, and wine.
and that other stuff.
with the lighter and the garage.

they're loud.
let's decide on the definition of "culmination" first, shall we?
christ, I'm going to have a headache.
I think it should be totally legal to make out with gay boys if you're a married woman.
I would.
they were cute.
these two are pissing me off, though.
they're quite funny, but like...
shut the fuck up already.

did I already mention the fact that i'm going to be hungover?
it's going to be ugly.

i think my headache will have two sources.
happy 2:30 am Sunday, to you.

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