Friday, September 23, 2005

I've never been much of a joiner...

Pair that with the fact that I'm chronically late,
and you get my version of "Half Nekkid Thursday."
yup, on Friday.
and I may nor may not ever do it again.
don't know, don't care at this point.

I'm fairly distracted by my worry over the god damn huricaine.
and I'm pretty sure this means that Armageddon is upon us,
in which case I'm entirely fucked, and will have to stumble into the nearest mormon church and throw myself at their mercy.
or something like that.
actually, I think I'll start my own church.
I mean, if I can be receiving divine revelation about stuff like which words to use in mundane sentences...?
I'm totally god's favorite.
and why shouldn't I be?
that guy rocks.

ok, so here's me, half nekkid, or as Jerry tried to call it, "half dressed"
(cuz he's such a damn pessimist!)
this is from my trip to Bear Lake a couple of weeks ago,
so I'm in my swim suit, out on the boat.

yes, I wish I had less of the boat obstructing the view, too.
fuck, time to pick up kids!!!
happy day to y'all--

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