Monday, September 26, 2005

The smell of wood stain is making me giddy...

so watch out!

Well, for a shitty Monday morning, I didn't do so bad.
got a little morning nookie--
extra hot due to the fact that hubby was on a conference call, with his phone on mute
he never has to participate in his monday morning calls, but still...
and then, after we got in the shower, he invited me to go to breakfast!
like we're childless or something--
it was awesome.
I felt all sneaky and special, going out to breakfast on a monday morning, freshly fucked.
and the breakfast I ordered happened to be the most delicious breakfast I've had in memory...
which is saying something, but not much.

and then I went to the store and almost didn't make it to pick up my kids...
I was THE last mom there, but only by a hair.

I get distracted by my inability to see a situation only on the surface;
by my curious ability to see the characters and action for what they really are.
I see the mechanics, the truth, the history--
not just people living life.
it's kind of annoying...
I'm my own Wizard, I guess.
welcome to Oz, please step behind the curtain...

I think I misspoke...
the fumes were not making me giddy, they were making me think I was giddy,
but in reality, I was growing snarly/growly/ornery...
oh well.
a good high's a good high, right?

I feel beautiful today, and I don't know why.
played the most ridiculous non-game of non-racquetball Saturday with the husb.
I am the most uncoordinated, slow-reflexed person on the planet.
I don't really hit like a girl, though.
the other night at the bar with Becky, we were playing pool with some truly scary indiviuals, but hey it was something to do.
and she made a bad shot (she's usually quite good at pool)
and said, "sorry, I hti like a girl."
just for sheer sassiness, I had to chime in with, "You fuck like one, too."
we thought it was pretty funny...
and what's really funny about us, is people usually think we're drunk even when we're not...
yeah, we're that annoying.

Ok, so today is sorta the deadline for deciding what to do my unit project on for the creative writing class...
those of you who have read my past homework assignments...
do you have any suggestions?
I can expand on any of the previous ones, or come up with something altogether new.
I just can't decide what to do.
it has to be interesting for 6-15 pages--
that's a lot for my attention span!!
so, any suggestions would be welcomed.
as would any sexual advances.

I get to have my miniature parrots today!
my friend breeds them, and she had a whole batch of eggs hatch a little bit ago.
they're ready to leave mama bird today, and I'm going to have 2 of them.
the kids are really excited.
I hope they don't smell too bad...
or fly away (ok, that wouldn't bother me so much).

I'm considering Franz Ferdinand tomorrow night.
At SaltAir...
mmm...I love that place.
gonna run it by the mr.

ok. time to put away some laundry and get dressed for Jim.
no fantasy today...
but I really do have one in mind.

happy monday to you--

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