Thursday, July 15, 2004

well, fuck

i had a whole post written.
i stepped over to my kids' computer to load their new fucking computer game.
and twin B came over and deleted the post.
i don't know how he did it.
but i'm going to kill him.
--and i'm not kidding.

i just had him show me which key he pushed.
apparently that deletes a whole post.

it wasn't even a very good post.
but i still spent time on it.
and time is valuable.
okay, my time might only be worth pesos, as opposed to yen, but still.
god DAMN it.

i was attempting to not bitch and moan about the fact that it's hard to concentrate with kids shows on.
and doing a good job of it, frankly.
i believe i said:
writing with that crap on is about as easy as running a marathon without training.
which then reminded me that my best friend, J, wanted me to start training for a marathon with her.
and of course i haven't been running much lately.
so i was berating myself for not stepping up to the challenge.
it's a lost post and that's okay.
i'll move on.

for example...
my husband is the coolest.
my kids broke my dryer...
it's only about 2 years old, so it should NOT have worn out yet.
they slam the door closed so much that they snapped off the little lever thingy.
the one that tells the dryer it's okay to turn on because the door's closed, etc?
so we ordered the new part but they said it would be FIVE motherfucking days.
i was...crestfallen...(what a kick ass word that is!!)
so he took the thing apart...
and made it work anyway.
he's my hero.

oh oh!
and here's the greatest thing to happen to me in a long time.
so, i grew up in maine, right?
and it's very humid there.
i have naturally curly hair, but without the humidity it's less curly.
it's fine, i'm used to it, etc.
we decided to replace our central air with what's called a swamp cooler.
if you live in a desert area, you have probably heard of this.
if not, i'll recap: it's an evaporative cooling system--uses water to cool...
my house is now a tropical paradise.
well, not tropical (cuz it's pleasantly cold) and not a paradise...cuz my kids still live here...
and guess what that means?
i'll get around to taking some pictures sometime, and i'll post them for comparison.

now that i've written all that, about my hair...
i feel like it may have been the most boring thing i've ever written.
and that's saying A LOT.
i do apologize.
but i hope you understand that i am giddy like a child at a circus at the way my hair looks now.

woke up this morning.
and when i got out of bed i noticed that my pj pants are on inside out.
that means what you think it means.
i don't think i've ever done that before, though.
putting them on inside out after a rendez vous.
(can it be called a rendez vous if you're married?? whatever.)
and the back of my hair was matted into oblivion.
it was a good night.
poor neighbors didnt' get any sleep.

tonight we're going to a place to do karaoke.
although, the place we were planning to go may have burned down yesterday.
we better find out first.

i feel like writing something non-lame.
in fact, tomorrow is friday, so i better not forget to write something special...
but RIGHT NOW i want to write something...

not something shallow.
not something boring.
not something bitchy.
i could sink down into the bottom of my soul and see what's there?
probably just cobwebs and dust bunnies.
i know i haven't used the damn thing in a while.
...thought about selling it to ole what's his name back when i was in college and had no money.
it could have fetched quite a price, in those days...
it was pure and clean--not a speck on it, really.
probably not as flawed as i think it is...
which reminds me of how glad i am to NOT be raising my kids in a religion that drowns a person in guilt.
what a stupid fucking way to grow up.

okay, i guess i've rambled on long enough.
you all have yourselves a great thursday.

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