Thursday, July 22, 2004

Rock Block Thursday

...on my favorite radio station--not here.

but at least it's thursday.
and at least we're leaving one week from today.
Have I mentioned that I'm excited?

And tonight is going to be a busy one.
i'm going to a dinner theater thing with my mother-in-law.
then to karaoke with some girlfriends.
yes,i know what you're saying--dinner theater??
with your mother-in-law??
hold the pity--i love dinner, and theater and i happen to enjoy my mother in law's company.
so...i imagine that those things probably qualify me as more of a mega nerd than any of you had imagined.
but that is okay with me.
i get to drive all the way to salt lake--BY MYSELF.
(huge sigh of contentment.)
loud music.
high speeds.
(no, not 130, chaz!)
but i'll have no children/children's music.
and no one to TALK to.
yes...i love talking...
i'm feeling burned out lately, i guess.
i just haven't been ALONE in what feels like months.
and i'm looking forward to it.

has anyone tried the new Lime Diet Coke?
it tastes exactly like Rose's Lime.
I know this because I was a bartender when I was 18, 19 and 20--
and i didn't drink then.
so, i would play around with the non-alcoholic stuff when i was bored.
speaking of being bored....
on a scale of one to ten???
how fucking bored are YOU right now?
i'll try to shake it up a bit.

well, i just opened windows media player,
so i could block out the chaos and attempt to write something non-shitty.
and i usually ignore their crap, and go straight to my playlists.
but something caught my eye.....
with blonde hair, no less.
and a download of their newest live show.
i am now perfectly happy.
yup, got it.
the kids have the disney channel...i have Mr. Vedder.
i wish i had mr. vedder.
i don't have many celebrity crushes--they're futile and silly.
sure, i find plenty of celebrities attractive, but as far as obsessions?
just my man Eddie Vedder.
and why?
cuz he's more than just a pretty face.
i won't lower myself to defending my deep love of a stranger.
i won't bore you with a list of what i adore about him.
I WILL admit that I am exaggerating--quite a bit.
this is good stuff, though.
hell, i might even BUY it.
no shit.
oh...his voice...
I listened to pearl jam every day on my way to work...
that last summer i was home...
the ocean to my right, vast green to my left.
driving as fast as the curvy roads allowed--
passing 2 and 3 slow-ass tourists at a time.
always late, often hungover.
with eddie and zepellin escorting me wherever i went.
that was a great summer.

and on that note, i better go shower.
get my ass to the gym.
and shower again.

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