Saturday, July 17, 2004

sometimes i feel like i don't have a partner

sometimes i feel
like my only friend
is the city i live in
this city she loves me
lonely as i am
together we cry.
i never feel like i don't have a partner--more like...
i get claustrophic sometimes.
AND this city?
she don't love me.
i don't even live in a city.
never have.
but for some reason, those opening lyrics to that particular Red Hot Chilli Peppers song...
they get me.
i almost did an audio post today, but then i realized something.
what the FUCK is the point of those things?
i have nothing to say ON HERE.
so why waste my/your time with that shit??
i'll probably do one anyway.
i actually had a deep-ish thought while i was driving, though.
something about growing up and seeing the world differently.
but i can't remember it anymore.
what a surprise.
shit, now that's bugging me.
it was something about....
not giving a shit what people think about you??
i used to have a great memory.
but's flacid.
just like---
not THAT.
you guys are all total sickos. 
can anyone guess what i'm going to say next?
that's right--
i had a great workout today.
there were cute boys everywhere.
like wallpaper.
like delicious, sweating wallpaper!
i ran a couple of miles and lifted a few things--all with my eyes wide open.
and my ears full of Godsmack.
i just got a call from (who else?) Becky.
we're going to see DodgeBall (a second time for each of us).
(drum roll)
the famous...
so i better go get ready.
(read: shower off the stench from the gym and put on some semi-clean clothes...)
buh bye suckers

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