Monday, July 19, 2004

oh the beautiful harmony of the garbage truck and the disney channel

speak up, sonny!
i can't friggin hear ya!
(see title)
once upon a time...
i was normal.
and naive.
and naked.
and nature-loving.
and nihlistic.
and naughty.
and nervous.
and neighborly.
and not sure where i'm going with this.
i really was normal once...
and i've begun to wonder if that was a dream or this is.
oh, i'm not that far from normal--don't go alerting the press or having me committed.
it's just that my memory is shot and i am never alone and i feel different than i did ten years ago.
(seriously, i do--you should touch me and see for yourself)
but what does it all matter?
i'm going on vacation next week.
that's right--
i may be the only housewife alive whose benefits package includes a ten day paid vacation.
as in...
no kids.
hallelujah, praise the gods and goddesses--or at least that demi-god Achilles, well, brad pitt in Troy...
speaking of beautifully crafted males.
we saw I, Robot last night.
Will Smith has been WORKING OUT.
his pecs were probably as big as my non-pecs in the same region, if you ya catch my drift.
it's possible that i'm drooling right now.
but you'll never know!!!
anyway, i liked the movie.
it wasn't mind-blowingly great, but it was worth a movie ticket.
(and should i realllly mention "blowing" in a movie theater discussion without elaborating?)
i'm going to go to work today.
so i probably better get my ass in gear.
make breakfast.
take a shower.
pick up the babysitter.
and PLEASE would you guys help me to remember to pick up my damned thyroid pills?
i will forget, so don't beat yourselves up over it.
just make sure and laugh fairly loudly when i admit that i forgot anyway.

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