Friday, July 23, 2004

Fantasy Friday XXXIV

(don't the roman numerals add a nice touch of class to this skanky joint? heh.)

sorry, i'm having trouble pulling one out this morning...
went to bed, drunk, at 3am.
would someone remind me that i'm too old for this???

deep breath....
ready, set, fantasize--

The night is still, reaching out around us heavily.
We are a patch of light, heat, energy.
There is nothing but you in this whole universe, nothing but me in your eyes.
We move together so fluidly it feels as though we are parts of the same body.
I feel your teeth on my neck and arch my back.

My hands run over your back, your arms.
The air around us is filled with our scents, our sounds.
You are speaking softly into my ear and I smile.
We are here.
There is no tomorrow, and the word 'yesterday' doesn't exist.
The heat coming off each of our bodies is so intense that it is almost painful.
I touch you in ways you've never dreamed of, but it feels like home.
You look into my eyes and my heart stops beating, but I breathe on.
I need to be closer to you than this--
I need to slip out of my own body and into yours, to feel you in my core.
You kiss me slowly and I shake.
--with anticipation, with joy?
You worship my body with your mouth, hands...
We shatter the night with our cries of pleasure--together, like a well-rehearsed symphony.
The sun begins to rise over the ocean, and we are remined of our fleeting time together.
You hold me so tightly at that moment...
And I hold you...
Both of us knowing it should never end.

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