Tuesday, July 20, 2004

i am wishing on a star

but the star is falling...

I do however, wish that i could remember to use my shift key.
I used to use it...
just like deodorant.
used to use that, too.
i did actually buy a new flavor this week, though.
every time i move, i catch a wiff.
and it's oh so purdy.
botanical silk.
where the FUCK do they come up with these ridiculous names?
although it does feel rather silky...
it claims to condition the under arm area--smooth and nourish the skin.
and no...i didn't exactly fall for it.
but it sounded so nice!!!
i hate it when i'm a sucker for advertising.

we've been having marvelous thunder storms here.
sunny and 90's all day, then in the early evening--
the clouds roll in and the sky starts to grumble.
jagged branches of lightening, thick gray banks of clouds.
my kids are just like me...
we ran around on the wet grass, letting the sky wash us.
oohing and aahing at the lightening--more impressive than any fireworks.
warm rain is the best end to a summer day.
sometimes it rains mud here, because there is so much dust kicked up by the force of the rain.

i just deleted this whole long rant about Utah not being my real home and all that same old boring whiney crap i've spewed a dozen times before.
You're welcome.

raise your hand if you'll be on vacation in MAINE next week.
(what a loser!! i can't believe you fell for that AGAIN!!! i bet the people in your office think you're kinda strange right about now...)
i'm hoping i end up with some true relaxation time...
time to read, time to write.
i am almost ready to make a change from my usual going home routine--
and NOT party like it's 1999 (or, to be more exact, 1997--GOD what a year!!)
but we'll see...
maybe i'll pretend to be a real adult this time.
that doesn't sound very fun.
so probably not.
i think what i really need--
more than anything else--
is to stop fucking thinking.
...and just let the white noise swirl around in my head like a gentle tornado.
lulling me into a dreamless sleep.
from which i would awake with the power to fly, and a book deal.
and possibly a bit of rug burn.

does anyone know what happened to Lick Magazine?
I am jonesing for another edition of it...

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