Monday, July 12, 2004

to post or not to post?

since i'm here, i guess i'm posting...
but it won't be much of a post, so perhaps it could be considered a non-post.
am i making ANY sense?
probably not.

i think it's funny when i have company so i have to forego sitting in front of my computer endlessly...and i get twitchy.
hey! just in my eye...
the left one.
and also my right arm.
but it might just be a coincidence.

i need to go to the gym RIGHT NOW.
but i'm sitting here.
okay, bye.
i miss you ALL.

ooh, maybe i'll do an audio post.
--if my sugar high kicks in.
hugs and kisses for you all.
(and yes, i mean the hershey's kind. and no, i'm not serious.)

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