Friday, July 30, 2004


Well, here i am...
on vacation.

i feel like i have lost my marbles--
and worry that i never had any to begin with.

my kids are having a hard time without me--
they don't understand why i'm not back yet...
makes me want to cry, talking to them.
"mommy why aren't you here? i need a hug!"
twist of the gut...
my littlest loves.

i love small towns.
i love MY small town.
it is as beautiful here as i remembered...
although "remembered" doesn't quite describe it.
it's a part of me, without questioning, without concious thought.
this place is my heart.
the smells, the sounds--leaves rustling in the breeze, stillness everywhere else.
the blues and greens are overwhelming...
where there is not ocean, there is sky--
where there is not grass, there is forest.
my small town is growing, however...

and i have set up dates with all of my friends.
so now i know how my week looks and i like it.
if i can locate some rental kayaks tomorrow morning we will join the Jasmine best friend for an easy river run.
tomorrow night is the wedding.
sunday is, as yet, unscheduled...
monday will probably be with the Jessica best friend--
(who is expecting a baby she may name max!)
tuesday i will go see the Abbey best friend--
who relayed that she has been reading this...yes, i know i gave her the URL...but.
i didn't think she'd read it...
she read the girl-kissing post.
and now she thnks i'm a crazy sicko.
she's right.
and wednesday the husband will golf.
and i will hang with his golfing buddie's wife.
that's backwards...
the wife has been a dear friend since jr. high.
our husbands met--well, after they frickin became our husbands!
that'll be fun.
wednesday night is The Lobster Festival---woooo hooooo!!!!
then thursday we'll go to dinner with BELLE--
who will be my VERY FIRST online person to meet in real life.
i'm super excited.
i told her to bring a single red rose, so i'll recognize her. don't think that's too on-line-lover cliche, do you?
oh well.
friday night we'll go "out"--barhopping, etc.
saturday morning we head for boston, where we'll stay until monday morning.
at which point we'll return home.
to two basket-case kids...

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